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Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Benches,"TM" Series

Table-top models are ideal for those who want maximum economy and portability without sacrificing the quality features common to all Pure Aire laminar flow clean benches. It is particularly useful in existing laboratories, where extra floor space is not available. Simply set the TM on the table or bench you already have. No extensive equipment relocation is necessary. Compact, quiet and dependable.

TM models are ideally suited for such procedures as:

Small-parts work
Sterile drug preparation
Sterility testing and tissue culture studies
Film editing

Standard "TM" Models

Workstation specification selection table
Two Foot Three Foot Four Foot Five Foot Six Foot Seven Foot Eight Foot
TM2424 TM3624 TM4824 TM6024 TM7224 TM8424 TM9624
TM2430 TM3630 TM4830 TM6030 TM7230 TM8430 TM9630
N/A TM3636 TM4836 TM6036 TM7236 TM8436 TM9636
N/A N/A TM4848 TM6048 TM7248 TM8448 TM9648


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