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Spare Parts by Product

The following are the product series for which we have spare parts listings for your convenience. Use them to find the part number for the item you need to replace. For price and availability give us a call or e-mail us by clicking on the mailbox icon.
This is only a partial listing of the product we manufacture. If you do not see your product series listed here, give us a call or e-mail us by clicking on the mailbox icon, supply us with a description of the equipment and the part the equipment requires. 

Pure Aire Corporation has manufactured equipment since 1963. You greatly enhance our success of providing you with the replacement part when you provide an equipment serial number, year of manufacture and original customer who purchased the equipment. At present 1966 is the oldest known unit manufactured that we have provided spare parts. Locations of serial number tags on older equipment are by the power in box and are usually blue and white. On some models, location of the serial number tag is behind the right air intake pre-filter on the equipment panel.

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