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Portable Softwall Cleanrooms

Pure Aire Portable Cleanrooms (PCR) are designed for easy low cost installation. The PCR comes in standard sizes, ranging from 4 x 4 to 12 x 24 feet, for Class 10,000 & 1,000 only.The PCR posts are constructed from 4 x 4 steel tubing with a wall thickness ranging from .06 to .25 depending on the room size. Post assemblies are standard with a 6 x 6 floor mounting pad. Rooms 12 foot or less are available with optional heavy duty locking caster assemblies. Rooms with casters are equipped with cross braces for use during room mobilization. A quick release pin is used for cross brace removal.
The 4 post assemblies are connected together by modular beams which form the outside perimeter of the clean room. These beams are used as the main support structure to hold the post and the ceiling grid system together. They also double as finishing panels covering the grid and filter modules from view. The "T" grid system is designed to support the filter modules, lights and ceiling panels without any stringers from a customers facilities.

No post gussets are used in the PCResign, all rooms are standard with a 40 mil vinyl curtains. The curtains hang from a round flexible, bead of vinyl which slides into a one piece all aluminum bar. This unique design provides extra strength, resists tears at the point of attachment better that any other mounting system. All rooms are available with anti-static vinyl curtains as an optional item. The standard filter modules are self powered low profile aluminum framed H.E.P.A filters 99.99% efficient on 0.3 microns. Other efficiencies are available as an optional item.

All class 10 and 100 rooms are standard with 100% filter coverage and tear drop lamp fixtures. Optional for class 100 rooms are flow through type 2 x 4 lamp fixtures. Class 1,000 and 10,000 rooms are standard with 2 x 4 lamp fixtures with tear drop lamp fixtures available as an option.


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