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New Items

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


  August 21, 2011 Updated portable softwall cleanroom models and added drawing selection page for softwall cleanrooms.
  November 19, 2009 Added photograph for VTM48
  July 24, 2009 Added photographs for 720C36SS and 960C36XP.
  July 20, 2009 Added literature download page.
  July 17, 2009 Equipment photographs for 4600(24), UF70LF, Load station, WIP, LP360024FH48CV and FH73CVS added to web pages.
  August 1, 2002 Equipment photograph for 720B30 added to web page.
  May 2, 2002

Equipment specifications for FH series fume hood workstations added to web pages.

  April 15, 2002 Equipment specifications for vertical laminar flow LP3000 series added to web pages complete with a quote request form.
  January 31, 1999 Request for quote forms for "B" , "C", "TM" and "VTM" series laminar flow workstations and additional equipment photographs, workbench models WB430-XX, WB530-35 added to web site.
April 4, 1998 Additional equipment photographs, VTM72, and 14' Horizontal Laminar Flow Work Station added to web pages.
December 15, 1997 Portable softwall cleanroom and workbench series added to web pages.
October 4, 1997 Additional equipment photographs and drawings added to web pages.
August 24, 1997 Equipment specifications for vertical laminar flow OH3000 series and more equipment photographs added to web pages.
June 2, 1997 Horizontal laminar flow "FM" series and vertical laminar flow "VTM" series added to web pages.
April 7, 1997 Horizontal laminar flow "TM" series, console "B" and "C" series added to web pages.
October 15, 1996 Internet presence established.


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