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Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation, "LP3000" Series

Freestanding workstations for creating new work areas or placing over existing work areas or equipment. The LP3000 series provides Class 100 or better, clean air environment over instruments, equipment, or any particulate sensitive procedure. Use of LP3000 series modules in "non-clean room areas" will still provide Class 100 or better clean air environment within the workstation. 

One of the two greatest features of the LP series is the height, with the standard sixty-six inch inside height the overall is only ninety-two inches. This eight-inch reduction in workstation height allows placement in areas with standard eight-foot ceilings eliminating the need to modify ceilings or sacrifice work zone height.  

The second feature is with the frame mounting. Conventional vertical laminar flow modules set on top of the frame structure however, the LP series frame bolts to the back of the laminar flow module, which creates a very rigid mount. Back panels are no longer required to provide the lateral support required by conventional modules. With the LP series frame design, you can place these units end to end to complete aesthetically pleasing extended working areas.  

The table below provides model specification for the LP series units. The laminar flow unit with frame, back panel, and end panel options click on the quote icon to view the types of options that are available for the LP series workstations.

Standard "LP3000" Models

Workstation specification selection table

Two Foot Three Foot Four Foot Five Foot Six Foot Seven Foot Eight Foot


LP336024 LP348024 LP360024 LP372024 LP384024 LP396024
N/A LP336030 LP348030 LP360030 LP372030 LP384030 LP396030
N/A LP336036 LP348036 LP360036 LP372036 LP384036 LP396036


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